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Best English Grammar Checker Software in 2020

In Writing Tools by Editorial StaffLast Updated: January 1st, 2020

Are you looking for a good English grammar checker software to correct your writing mistakes? Don’t have the time to scan your long text for errors and waste the time with editing?

So, here I’m showing you the best option to fix the grammar mistakes in your text online for free, or, you can use the paid version that comes with more grammar checking features, and levels.

To write a good blog post or article, you need to check your text multiple times to ensure good quality. And also, you need to and avoid, as possible the common grammar, and punctuation errors. But, when it comes to the best English grammar checker software, only a few tools are helpful.

Big companies can promise a lot of features, such as proofreading, automatic suggestions, spell checking, punctuation, and others.

The truth is that a few of them are doing what they are saying. They offer the best grammar and proofreading checking solutions, but only one of them is a great tool I recommend. The result will be the correct text, with no errors and most importantly, easy to read by people and search engines.

Best Grammar Checker App

One of the best English grammar checker software and proofreading tools is Grammarly. It’s easy to understand and you can quickly paste your text and click the checking button. Or simply, integrate their extension for Google Chrome. The software highlights errors and adds helpful notifications to let you correct them with a single click.

What this grammar checker app offers, is more than a regular and automatic correction. Unlike others, that add errors instead of correcting them, this tool checks your text for more than 400 grammar errors.

Grammarly is a trusted online English grammar fixer, and also, the most advanced among the others. You can use it online when you write on Facebook, Google, Twitter or when you are writing your blog posts or any other writing.

The thing that you can’t find elsewhere is that you can integrate the software into your Microsoft office. So, you don’t need to copy and paste the text, simply write and correct mistakes instantly.

For Facebook, for example, you can write your post as usual and the grammar checker tool will underline errors with red color. You just need to hover over that line and the suggested words or corrections will be there.

Pick the one that’s right, and that’s it, you have a correct paragraph in a few seconds without killing yourself with complicated tools. This is the right tool to run an online English grammar check for professionals, students and all.

English Grammar checker Software

The same thing applies to the other sites, but if you want to try Grammarly directly online. You can visit their site, and paste your text in the box, or simply write what you want.

Then click the “Check your Text” button in the demo mode or “Start Review in the real account. Then, the software will progress the grammar checking. The proofreading and most importantly the plagiarism, which is not offered in other software.

English Grammar correction demo

Next, you get a list of all the things to correct, with clear and helpful details in a list as the following screenshot.

software features

The best part is that you can use Grammarly wherever you are. You just need to be connected to the Internet with a browser and get the best English grammar correction online. That’s not all, there are language references and guides for whatever topic you need to learn about.

Professional English grammar checker

Other grammar checkers have a small database of technical words and terms. When it comes to advanced science, you will get many errors about the right words. What happens is that you will follow their wrong recommendations and make more errors in your text, while, the main goal is to correct and not to add more grammar and vocabulary errors.

Luckily, Grammarly is a powerful English grammar correction tool, it has a large database of technical and very specific words that you cannot find elsewhere. In a few seconds, you get a full report about your articles, and what you need exactly to do. In addition, there are suggestions and even tips to improve your writing skills.

Best grammar checker with all-in-one writing correction features

Plagiarism checker tool included

Of course, you can find lots of plagiarism tools online. But, they are not a grammar checker, and what adds more value to Grammarly, is that you do all in one text checking and correction.

Google and the other search engines will automatically neglect your text if it was copied from other sources. It’s a copy at the end, and no value will be added.

However, you don’t have to worry about your text with this advanced plagiarism tool. It searches the web for similar text and shows you a notification score of it was copied. This is what other low-quality grammar checkers cannot do.

Spell checker tool

There is no perfect writer, we are all making mistakes all the time. Additionally, that costs us more time to correct the text and search for known errors. Sometimes, it’s hard to find spelling errors, we write wrong names, especially for companies.

Luckily, This is a correct English grammar and sentence checker tool that work. Also, it’s a powerful helper, and can quickly show your errors, that you can’t find in regular text editors.

Example of spelling correction

People believe so much in Microsoft and other text editing or writing tools, but they also forget that none of the available machines can write and understand errors as a human.
If you are a language professional, you can spend some time and correct any text, based on your background and knowledge.

This is exactly what Grammarly does, it’s a software to correct English grammar instantly. It scans your text, word by word, then, it looks through the meaning of the words and compares them in a clever way.

Then, it returns a result with a suggestion, the first suggestion will be more logical. So you don’t have to read them all, just click the one that seems the most relevant and correct. There are common grammar and writing problems that we all make, and this software fixed them fast.

If you have a problem with punctuation, then forget them all. This tool is known for its powerful correction, from a coma to advanced symbols, they will be automatically scanned for possible corrections.

Punctuation checker included

Grammarly is the best grammar and editing software that integrates easily with any text editor tool. That includes popular tools like Microsoft Word and others. You can use it where you want online.

Furthermore, If you are a Journalist, you will find it more than helpful, you will spend less time with your reports and avoid big punctuation mistakes that other grammar tools cannot detect.

You are human after all, and we all know that big mistakes can happen even on big websites. However, when you are using advanced software, such as Grammarly, you are protecting yourself from those common punctuation and grammar issues.

If you have a blog on WordPress, the software will be integrated into your WordPress text editor and underline mistakes and errors. You can correct them with a single click.

The best part is that the integrated comma and punctuation corrector will never correct or replace your words automatically. But, it will suggest the right word and you need to click on it to replace the wrong one, this is another good thing.

Other tools replace your words with the wrong ones, and you are the only one who can compare things. After all, those are software, and you need to compare their suggestions to what seems right.

Here are reviews about this great English grammar checker software from real customers and members.

the software reviews of real users

English Grammar checker software demo

I always prefer demonstrations, and here is a quid video demo about Grammarly and what it does exactly for your text, error fixing and more. In addition, you see how it is easy it’s to work with the help of the Microsoft Word grammar check add-on.

Conclusion: Our Best English Grammar Checker Software

The final word is that Grammarly is the best grammar checker software for the English language. It will help you with your articles, and make things easier. Bloggers, journalists, students, professional writers will save time and effort with this top-rated grammar checker tool.

There is always to free version that works, however, the premium Grammarly account comes with amazing features, no other tool offers.

Now, It’s time to create your Grammarly account and start fixing your grammar problem in English.

Have you used any good grammar checker and want to tell us about it? So, use the comment form below and share your ideas.