Grammar and Punctuation correction tools

4 best grammar correction and punctuation checker tools

In Writing Tools by Editorial StaffLast Updated: January 15th, 2021

Looking for a grammar and punctuation checker tool that works? And you need good software that corrects your grammar errors and spelling at the same time? So, read the full article, we’ll show you the best tool for error-free writing online. You can install these tools on your Android device, iOS, or use on your laptop or tablet.

The goal of these grammar correction tools is to help you fix your error and write the best text. In addition, grammar tools improve your writing and with time, you’ll notice improvements.

Some offer exclusive grammar and punctuation checking, and others offer all in one writing check features. So, choose the one that you need for your smartphone or Laptop and you’ll save a lot of time dealing with grammar and punctuation issues.

Tools to fix your grammar and punctuations

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a real exception in the grammar and punctuation correction tools. it’s the number one software we recommend for everyone who looks for easy correction and powerful features at once.

This is the first recommended online grammar and punctuation check app. It works well with all devices and has dozens of features that no other grammar corrector tool offers.

Unlike what you see online, Grammarly grammar checker is a complete writing software you can download for smartphones working on iOS or Android. In addition, you can install the grammar and punctuation tool on web browsers like Google Chrome and Safari for Mac.

With over 400 grammar and punctuation checkpoints, Grammarly finds every single mistake in the text. Additionally, the software detects spelling problems better than other tools we tested. It works with Facebook and all the social networks.

So, if you want to check your Facebook posts or comments for grammar, punctuation, and spelling, then, use this powerful software.

Grammar and Punctuation Checker

Another good feature of this accurate grammar checker, it’s super fast and works well even with slow internet connections. That’s why no other tool works better than Grammarly to fix grammar and punctuation on smartphones.

This grammar tool has:

  • Grammarly extension to Safari
  • extension for Google Chrome
  • native Microsoft grammar software
  • app for iOS
  • integrated into Microsoft Office
  • web-based check to write without mistakes on Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, and anywhere on the web.

2. Ginger

Ginger is another grammar and punctuation checker software with an app available to download on Windows and Mac. Furthermore, the grammar software works on iSO and Android, that way, users can install it and correct their writing were they go.

Ginger is good, however, it has some issues detecting spelling. But one of the best features we found is their punctuation check option, it’s so powerful and it works well. So, for Ginger software, we recommend it as a good grammar checker and excellent punctuation fixed tool for writers, students, and professional writers in English.

The Ginger software also works well on the WordPress post editor, but be careful if you have a slow internet connection. We found that the software keep formatting codes like “span” and when you save the page, the tool keeps them in your text editor.

For that reason, we recommend this English grammar checker tool for those with acceptable internet speed.

3. Scribendi

Unlike the above tools, Scribendi not a software, but a real human proofreading and grammar check service. You can choose from many options like the level of your English and what you need. Then, the team of professional editors will do that hard work for you.

The price depends on the length of your document and also the complexity level.

If you don’t have the time to proofread your text yourself, then, we strongly recommend this awesome English proofreading service. It works well and you get a complete report about the grammar problems the team found, the punctuation problems, and everything else including fixing spelling errors.

Here is an example of a paper that was edited by their team of professional editors.

grammar and proofreading service

4. Editorr

Like the previous one, Editorr is a good proofreading service with real human editors you can work with. To get error-free writing with good quality grammar check and fix, all you need to do is to connect with real editors who fix your document in real-time. The price of this service depends on the length of the documents.

So, the more text you have in a document, the more it will cost. However, this is something we recommend for a professional document that needs human proofreading. The service guarantees a 100% grammar correction with spell checking and complete editing and proofreading.

So, this is a grammar checking service with proofreading and you pay for what you need. In addition, you can check the proofreading work for review, then, approve it if you find it satisfying or ask for change if that’s what you need.

Perfect Writing

The real editors ensure the good quality of your document. In the end, you get a document that’s free of spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Does a grammar and punctuation checker affect CPU?

As with any smartphone app, a grammar application like any of the above ones uses your device’s RAM and CPU resources. So, if you install lots of tools and apps, then, your device will work slower than normal. However, if you know how to manage all your apps and remove the ones that you don’t need, you’ll speed up your smartphone.

A grammar and punctuation check app works a little bit harder in terms of CPU and phone RAM. However, everything will be fine with an updated version of the app.

On the other side, if you use any grammar app on your android phones, you’ll risk the device’s performance. So, you need to choose a good and fast grammar correction app that never slows ds your smartphone.

For iOS, a grammar app should work better as iPhone devices have better RAM and resources. So, expect the best user experience if you install be of the above grammar paps n your iPhone or iPad devices.

For Android phones, we strongly recommend a fast and optimized English grammar checker app like Grammarly. It works faster and never affects your device’s RAM and CPU resources the way that other apps do.

What about a Gmail spell checker?

In reality, Gmail has a very basic spell checker tool that’s integrated by default and need one click to check the text. However, when you use a professional spell checker app, you’ll save a lot of time editing and fixing errors.

So, Gmail is a free spelling option that can be useful for beginners only, but that does not guarantee anything. You can have lots of errors in your test even with the Google Gmail checker tool.

So, if you need to send a professional email that’s error-free, easy to read, and well written then, choose any of the above options.

Good grammar and punctuation correction software should work well for students, teachers, and professional writers. However, you need to spend a few minutes applying the correct modification and fixes suggested by the tool. And that’s’ fine and recommended for all.

On the other side, if you have a document to proofread for a job or send an application for business or things like that, you can use a human proofreading service instead. Just choose one of the above grammar correction services with real human editors.

These are the best punctuation and grammar checker tools and services we come across and tested. They work well for smartphones, tablets, and laptops at once. When you install any of the apps, you’ll get instant grammar check, easy spell check, and complete proofreading functions.