Correct English Grammar in WordPress

How to Correct English Grammar in WordPress

In Tips by Editorial StaffLast Updated: January 15th, 2021

When people start building their websites and blogs on WordPress, it can be easy to install plugins and setting necessary options in the dashboard.

But when it comes to writing a good blog post without grammar and spelling errors, only a few tools can help. In fact, human proofreading still the best way to avoid common errors and mistakes. In this post, I’ll share the plugins and tools to use to make your blog look as clean as possible.

Checking text for grammar in WordPress

As you know, WordPress is the best blogging platform for its flexibility and easy use. To add a new option or function, you can just install the appropriate plugins or add the code manually. But first, you need to use two different proofreading tools that thousands of professional bloggers are using.

The first one is Grammarly which is the most advanced grammar checker tool that you can use in the browser and in your document editing tools. It’s more than an online software, but a complete platform to correct hidden errors that no other software can find even Microsoft tools.

Best of all, the tool integrates into all the test editing tools and when you write online.

The second tool is a plugin is “JetPack” by WordPress, it’s a complete pack of plugins with lots of functions and options to help you make your blog better.

You need to activate a tool called Spelling and grammar like the below screenshot from the JetPack plugins settings page. If you already have the plugin, there is no need to install it, just find the options and make it active.

Correct grammar in WordPress

Now, after creating your account with Grammarly, install their extensions for your browser. You can find the link to your account. In this case, you have the best tool to check all your phrases like a professional writer and instantly.

To start checking your text for errors and punctuation mistakes, open your post and you the proofreading will start automatically when you write or just open a previously created post and the tools will scan it.

Text checker

When you click that icon on the bottom of the text editor, a pop-up window will be opened with the full text. Remember that checking the text in the pop-up is just an option, you still have the corrector tool that works normally, You just need to click on every underlined word to get the appropriate corrections.

Until now, you just use one tool, but when you finish editing the full text, click the proofreading options in WordPress. Just find the below icon at the top of the text editor, click on it and the process of scanning the full text for errors will start.

WordPress grammar corrector

Then, you get all the errors that you need to correct, click on every word and the tools will suggest the right correction. The best thing about using these two different tools is the ability to check your posts twice.

If one of the checkers can see an error, the second one will find it in the majority of cases. It’s a simple combination of tools to scan WordPress text and phrases word by word to find that needs correction.

With these tools, you don’t need any other software, the correct grammar, the punctuation, verb tenses, and all the other options to verify your content’s quality.

Even, there is a plagiarism checker in the first tool and you can find it in your account after the sign-up. You can find other tools, but I only recommend what I’ using and trust. There is no reason to use any other useless tools that will never help.