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Free Grammar, Punctuation Checker and Corrector Tool

In Writing Tools by Editorial StaffLast Updated: January 15th, 2021

When people want to create the best content or articles, they start searching for grammar checkers and punctuation corrector tools. That’s a great way to take writing to the next level, but, in many cases, the choice can be wrong, and that’s not the best situation that everyone needs.

This post will show you the best grammar and punctuation checker software that you can use online, and or in your writing and editing application like Microsoft Word, etc… You’ll be able to correct your grammar and fix your punctuation fast with suggestions tips and more.

Online grammar and punctuation checker

Grammarly is the recommended software for all writing styles. No matter if you want to write creative content, simple text, or any other style, the tool is well-known among many others, and millions of writers have been using it for years.

I’ve been using the so-called ”free grammar checking software” that never works in reality. After a few days, I noticed that the majority of my mistakes is not detected, and that was a very hard job to do after writing lots of text. The problem with those applications is that everything is limited and unprofessional.

I mean that the other free tools can only scan, and find a small percentage of the total number of mistakes that people can make. Later, when I discovered this grammar and punctuation checker software, everything was changed for the better.

With a few clicks, I can find hidden errors that no other app can find. For example, the problems of the comma and the other marks are solved completely.

Grammar and punctuation checker

Best of all, the software scans the document and highlights errors and missed punctuations. So, people can see their errors and what they have to do for proper grammar and proofreading, in general.

The online grammar check is not only coding and data, but, a complete work between the English language experts, from different universities, and people who want to make writing better and easier for all. That’s what this tool does.

To give you a general idea about the features of this amazing tool, take a look at these functions and the following screenshot.

  • Instant grammar check, just write as normal when you’re online, and let the software does the rest.
  • Punctuation Check, every sentence and word will be scanned for errors and missing punctuations.
  • Correct over 250 grammatical mistakes
  • Plagiarism checker included for free, you can see if your text is original or copied from other sources on the web.
  • Select from different writing styles. If you need to check a blog post, select the blog option, and if you need technical or academic writing, choose the appropriate option, and the same thing applies to much more writing styles.
  • Completely working with Microsoft Word and Outlook editors. That will save you time, and helps to correct your mistakes in your best writing tool.
  • The software works with any website, you don’t have to worry about correcting mistakes, and checking your text on Gmail, Yahoo, or any other website. When you start writing, the tool detects your editor, and it scans the text for errors and proper grammar.
  • Powerful vocabulary corrector
  • Learn while you write. Of course, you will find suggestions and full explanations for every mistake. Just click the highlighted error, and you will find the details.

Professional grammar and punctuation corrector

The online grammar and punctuation checker is the only way to get a full, instant, and smart text proofreading, at the same time. There is no way to get all that with simple software that you install locally on your computer.

The reason is simple, you will need a complete data center and powerful machines to compare your documents with billions of words in the database.

Online grammar corrector

When you scan your texts online, you get the most of the grammar checking, and none of the small apps that people use can do that. There are a couple of English grammar corrector apps, but, none of them works like the one that I recommend and use.

Grammarly is not a simple software that lets you create documents clean from punctuation and spelling errors, but, it’s an all in one tool for writing.

Watch this video to see the tool and how does it work.

I always advise people, and especially, professionals to stay away from free grammar correction tools. They can’t find all their writing problems, and that can make the text full of mistakes, that even the Microsoft editor can’t find. Using any punctuation corrector without learning how it works will make things complicates, and later, you’ll find yourself the need to manually review all your text to fix the writing issues that the tools missed.

Just create your account and download the application that integrates with all your web browsers, including, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

This Grammarly is the perfect solution for people who look for the easy to use tool. Most importantly, to make their article clean and easy to read, not only for humans but also, for search engines.

They need to easily crawl websites and find what they are talking about. With articles that are full of mistakes, things become worse and that won’t help to get visits, and in all cases.