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Free Online Proofreading and Essay Editor: Best Tools

In Writing Tools by Editorial StaffLast Updated: January 15th, 2021

Looking for a good free online essay editor software? And you look for accurate correction and fast scanning? So, here, I’ll talk about the right option for students and professional writers.

If you used the Microsoft Word proofreading tool, then, you’re missing a lot of corrections with the tools I’ll talk about in this article. So, make sure you bookmark it for later use. Now, let’s find out the best option to check your essays online for free and fix your grammar issues, and also check for plagiarism.

Before starting, keep in mind that some tools offer plagiarism checks in parallel with complete grammar and vocabulary correction. So, I’ll rank these tools based on what they offer and from what I tested and also using reviews from readers who used this software.

Essay checker and corrector tools

1. Grammarly

The difference with this complete proofreading software is not only its features but also, the great plagiarism cheek and fast correction. In reality, Grammarly is the best tool for students who prepare for their essays and want to check their originality and quality.

Unlike other essay correction tools, Grammarly offers a complete grammar check, spelling check, punctuation correction, vocabulary fixing, and much more. All these amazing writing tools come in one software that does a great job.

In addition, the Grammarly Plagiarism cheek scans the web for web pages that may use some phrases in your essay. So, if the software finds the same content, it will let you know. That way, you’ll check your essays for plagiarism and correct the writing style, grammar, and everything in one place online and best of all for free.

Free Online Essay Editor Software

The software has an educational version with enhanced features and functionalities. So, there are 600 universities that trust it and use it for years. Furthermore, students reported great improvement, after using this essay editor and corrector software.

As you can see from the above example of a screenshot, the essay checker and corrector highlighted a section of text that’s not original. The tool found the same paragraphs published online, so, the student needs to make changes to write 100% original essays and succeed.

The best part is that Grammarly scans billions of web pages exactly like Google and other search engines. So, it has the best accuracy to find out if your essay writing is original or not and avoid duplicate content.

2. Copyscape

Unlike the above software, this one does not check your essay for grammar, spelling, and proofread it. But, it shows you if your text is original or not. So what you have to do is to copy and paste your essay into the CopyScape tool and click the scan or search option.

Next, the algorithm will scan millions of web pages to find if you have original content or not.

3. Paper Rater

This is another way to check your writing and essays online for free You don’t have to download the software, you can use it online when you want. There is a spell checker, grammar checker, and plagiarism finder tool. However, the software is not the best and the most accurate in detecting in essays. It missed a lot of pages and online content that it can’t find.

4. Polish My Writing

This is one of the best free options that you can use to check your essay online. The software can be installed as a WordPress plugin, however, it offers only spalling checking, grammar, and vocabulary correction. So, there is no plagiarism find tool and in his case, you can use it in parallel with the next option.

5. SST Plagiarism checker

This is an online plagiarism checker tool that you can use for free. However, it has a lot of advertising and personally, I found it working slow and for results, it’s average in detecting the originality of the content.

The website offers other tools like grammar checkers and proofreading. So, to get the best results, I recommend using all their writing tools one by one. Each tool has one function, and you can check your essay for individual issues.

Tips to use the right essay editor software

No matter if you take care of your writing style or you carefully check for grammar errors, having a great essay is what makes the difference in the end. So, it’s a latter of all in one correction, suggestion, and tips to save your time and write a clear essay that teachers understand and thank you for doing it.

If you like using Microsoft Word or Outlook for editing your essays, then, that’s not a problem. You still have the option to use your best writing and editing software, but this time with more checking tools and amazing features.

What you need is to install Grammarly that will work directly in Microsoft Word and also Outlook if you have. Next, you can check your essays in real-time when you write.

The software scans your essay word by word, and compare thousands of things together with what they have in the huge database.

In Fact, Grammarly has a large number of cloud server that’s used to scan the text and suggest the right correction. In addition, there is a dedicated function for plagiarism detection that needs a lot of resources, CPU, RAM, and effort. Luckily, all that happens in the cloud, and your computer does not have to struggle with CPU as other tools do.

Grammarly offers different levels of say check, so, you can check your paper for the exact style you want. That includes business writing, medical writing, academic writing, blog writing, and more. So, when you select the right checking level, the software adapts everything to what they have in the database for your writing field.

That way, the tool detects more issues and help you to fix them better and faster. Even, more, you’ll be able to add more technical terms without wasting your time by adding them to your personal dictionary.

If you tried another essay check tool and worked for you, make sure to add it to your comment. I’ll be happy to test the software and it to this list if it offers what every student and writer looks for and need.