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10 Most Reliable Grammar Checker Tools in 2021

In grammar by Editorial StaffLast Updated: January 15th, 2021

Are you looking for a good reliable grammar checker and proofreading tool that fixes your mistakes? And don’t have the time to spend hours on grammar correction, spell fixing, and punctuation issues?

So, read the full article, I’ll show you the right grammar and punctuation correction apps you can use online, in Microsoft Word, in your web browser, or on any website you write on.

For writers, screenwriters, editors, and people who work with words; checking grammar is imperative, as it can make or mar your work. It can distort the meaning of our texts or give it an altogether new meaning not intended by the writer.

The way professional writers, or those who look forward to being so, see it, grammar checkers are not just software that is going to enhance their piece and that’s it – No, they don’t see it that way. They believe that these checkers are a great source of knowledge on how to write an absolute article.

The golden rule here has always been like that, continuous learning is one of the best ways to make a great writer out of yourself.

There are so many online grammar checkers out there, but not all of them are reliable. It’s really important to choose the grammar checker, not just any software.

This writes up to take a look at the most reliable grammar checkers online and how to make use of them.

Reliable Grammar checker software

1. Grammarly

Currently online, Grammarly is the gold standard for checking for grammar, spelling, and punctuation marks as well as other items of lexis and structure. This is the most reliable grammar checker tool with complete writing options.

This site is very easy to use, and it does well when it comes to accuracy as well as being prompt in giving answers to texts which are under scrutiny. When it comes to how easy and assessable the site is, it has a high scorecard as the user interphase is simple and easy to understand.

Clients are sure of getting real quality proofreading of their documents when they use Grammarly. Moreover, it has the added advantage of having plagiarism software attached to it, and so it can also check plagiarism in the texts which are being proofread.

Grammarly is the number one reliable grammar checker tool that you can use online. I highly recommend trying the tool for 7 days completely for free. Then, you can use the premium version that comes with more grammar and punctuation check.

You can add an extension to your browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, and also Safari. Then, the tool starts working on every website you write on. Even, more, you can check Facebook posts for grammar and spelling.

reliable grammar checker tool


2. Ginger software

The next in line when it comes to checking content and grammar online must be Ginger. Ginger is also another reliable Grammar checker tool that’s very assessable and easy to use. It gives users a very high level of accuracy on their outputs.

It also has a lot going for it, but it also comes with some particular setbacks which include that it does not work well or even works at all on some browsers such as Firefox. When it works, it also experiences some glitches which make it difficult to work with it. It is still a good grammar checker.

Top 10 Grammar checker tools

3. Spellcheck plus

This is another site for checking grammar, punctuation, and even spelling mistakes. This site functions by summarizing all your errors and suggesting ways to correct the mistakes as well as the right way to write sentences and phrases.

Some of the negatives which this website has are that it does not check for plagiarism and they do not offer any support by telephone. When it comes to overall accuracy, this grammar and punctuation checker tool does well, but not as well as the online checkers which I mentioned above.

4. Correct English

This is also an online checker for grammar and lexis and structure. If this website has anything going for it, then that must be speed. Its analysis is done in a very short time when you compare it with other sites in the same category.  The website spell checking is very fast and accurate, and it also has other tools that help it function optimally.


5. WhiteSmoke

White Smoke is one of the most accurate grammar editing tools which is easy to use and has speed as well as accuracy. The site is built with the end-user in mind, and the developers made it easy to navigate your way around the site.

Apart from being easy to use, they also ensured that the site has a very quick customer care response which is a big plus for them. Their response time to a customer inquiry is pristine, and they do so at very short intervals. They are certainly good online grammar checkers for us.

6. Polish my writing

This is another wonderful online grammar and spell checker. was designed by the same team which developed the WordPress sites which are popularly used for blogging today. We must, therefore, agree that they know a thing or two about getting quality articles to print.

It is also easy to use and friendly as you can navigate easily on the website. The feedback is quite prompt, and it checks punctuation, lexis, verb agreements, and all the technicalities of writing a smooth clear, and concise text.

This is also known as After the Deadline, a reliable grammar checker tool for WordPress users. Bloggers can easily use it on their websites for error-free writing. Even more, it offers accurate spell checking and sentence correction.

You can install the tool as a WordPress plugin, now, it comes with the JetPack official plugin and you can just add the grammar correction from the main settings.

7. Spell Checker

This is another reliable grammar checker tool that was designed majorly for checking the spelling of words to make sure that texts are spelled the right way. Over time, the Spellchecker evolved and added a grammar checker to its repertoire.

Now it functions to both check grammar and spellings. It is also prompt and responds on time making it a joy to use. It does not suffer from too many glitches, and you sure would have a fun time using this online tool.

8. Paper Rater

This is another excellent grammar checker where you can get to check spellings, grammar, and the likes.

The PaperRater is used for proofreading documents, and this is done very promptly and accurately too. Another good side to this site is that they have a plagiarism checker which is very smooth and sleek.

It’s always a joy to see a site that has checks grammar and also finesse, then finishes with checking plagiarism; you cannot wish for any better.

9. Language Tool

This is also a magnificent one, and sometimes it is hard to choose which to use because they can sometimes have interesting features which make you want to take advantage of all of them. This language tool checks for spelling, grammar, and plagiarism.

Interestingly, it works in over 20 different languages, French and English inclusive. So, it is evident that the developers did their homework in ensuring that they come out with a site that has a tremendous capacity to do a lot when it comes to proofreading, checking spellings, and correcting grammar.


This is an online grammar and spell checker tool you can use, it has many options and even different languages. The Reverso website offers UK spelling or UK spelling options for your grammar correction. So, you can adapt your text to the right audience you write for.

Conclusion: The Best Grammar checker

These are the top 10 list of the best accurate and most reliable grammar checker tools. And the list, of course, goes on; but these were the most reliable and also accurate grammar checker tools online we came across. However, the internet is also full of additional ways to check the grammar of your piece; language forums, Google Docs, even Google search itself can be used as a grammar checker.

If there is any good and grammar, spelling, and punctuation checker tool you used and worked well for you, you can share it in your comment.