is Grammarly premium worth it

Is Grammarly Premium Worth It? (Free vs Paid Subscription)

In Reviews by Editorial StaffLast Updated: February 7th, 2020

Want to know if the Grammarly premium plan is really good and recommended? and you don’t have any idea about the Grammarly proofreading and grammar software? Or maybe, you have some ideas, but you wonder if it’s worth it? So, keep reading, I’ll show you the differences between the Grammarly premium subscription and the free plan.

I’ve talked about Grammarly in the past. It’s a great grammar and also a professional proofreading tool with lots of options and features. Indeed, the software comes in both a free version and a premium subscription.

Today, I’m going to show you if the Grammarly premium price worth your investment or not, and what they offer as options.

Grammarly Premium vs Free

Without a doubt, Grammarly offers great proofreading and grammar correction for free accounts. Also, the company offers a free punctuation and spell check. However, the Grammarly premium subscription comes with advanced features and options.

The Grammarly premium plan offers an extra 100 advanced grammar check levels. Additionally, it comes with advanced vocabulary and conjugation enhancement.

At the same time, the premium checker lets you scan your text for genre-specific writing styles. Furthermore, the software comes with a professional plagiarism checker tool.

With that amazing plagiarism checker, you can check your documents for duplicate content online. The software checks billions of web pages, to verify the originality of your content.

Of course, this is software for English only. Also, there are lots of reviews about the paid software plan that you can check, and the following are just examples.

Grammarly premium reviews


Now, take a look at the following comparison between Grammarly free and the Grammarly premium plans. Then, read the other details in this article.

Grammarly premium vs free

How Much does Grammarly Premium Cost?

By default, the Grammarly Premium costs $14.58 per month for the yearly plan. However, you can get a great discount and pay only $11.66.

Here are the different plans of Grammarly price depending on the subscription cycle:

  1. Monthly price: $29.95/month
  2. Quarterly cost: $19.98/month
  3. Annual subscription: $11.66

As you can see, you can save money when you choose long term billion plan. I recommend the yearly plan because it saves money and you’ll save more if the company changes the plans one day.

Grammarly price


Here is the demonstration of using Grammarly to check a document. See how you can easily save your text from lots of common hidden mistakes and punctuation errors.

The cost of the premium account of Grammarly is affordable compared to the quality of the service. Also, the software comes with an advanced text scanning and grammar check. Additionally, the tool checks your document for hundreds of grammar mistakes and spelling errors.

By the way, Grammarly includes a great punctuation checker tool. It checks your document for different punctuation mistakes that we all neglect many times. Next, it shows you the suggestions and you’ll need to select the right option and correct the mistake.

Compared to other grammar tools, Grammarly is the best one. Indeed, it offers both, free and premium grammar correction and also an accurate proofreading check.

Without wasting time with other tools, by using the premium version of Grammarly, you’ll take your writing to the next level. Then, in a few weeks, you’ll find a great improvement in your writing skills and editing. Also, you’ll get statistics about your writing improvements and the suggested tips.

Can the Grammarly premium replace Human Proofreading?

As you know, I tested Grammarly premium and it works well for me and for others. It’s not only the best tool but the fastest one with good customer support and amazing features.

Of course, nothing is perfect, and the Grammarly premium account includes advanced algorithms for grammar and spell-check.

So, don’t expect perfect work from algorithms, there are always some false positives, and I noticed minor errors from time to time. However, compared to all the grammar correction tools online, no one beats Grammarly in all the ways. So, it’s worth it and I highly recommend it.

Pro tip:

To make sure you have successfully proofread your test and fixed the errors and mistake, recheck it twice at least. With a normal internet connection, the Grammarly software work well, however, if the document has tons of errors, then, it could be harder to detect all of these mistakes at once.

So, I recommend checking your document the first time, then, save it, and recheck it with Grammarly. You’ll find more issues to fix if they exist. That’s what I found and I wanted to help you in finding every single writing error in your document.

When you find no errors with Grammarly premium, make sure to have a look at your text. That’s the best way to get real error-free writing. At many times, there are some words or terms that no software detects, and you can avoid that by completing the proofreading manually if you have the time.

If you have a blog and you want to proofread your posts, then, using the Grammarly premium plan is a time-saving decision.

On the other hand, if you’re a student and you want to fix your grammar mistakes and write professional essays, then, use the software and write error-free documents.

Even if you’re a journalist, a professional writer or academic researcher, you’ll find the tool helpful and great. We are all human in the end, and there is no way to fix all the grammar mistakes like magic. For that reason, using a grammar software can help and save hours f proofreading and hard work.

Grammarly Premium Discount

The Grammarly premium plan cost $29.95 normally, however, I contacted the company and asked for a special discount for you. So, you get an exclusive 20% OFF Grammarly premium plans and that’s great.

You don’t have to enter any coup code to get the discount. All you need to do is to click the following green link, and you’ll get the discount automatically. That way you save money and you get all the Grammarly free vs premium benefits.

Is it Worth Paying for Grammarly Premium?

Please note that Grammarly offers a 7 day trial with a money-back guarantee. So, you can test Grammarly premium for 7 days as a trial and then, decide if you want to continue or cancel the subscription. Best of all, the company offers great customer support.

You can also ask for human proofreading for your document. In a few words, Grammarly premium worth every dollar you pay for the paid subscription.

For us, Grammarly premium worth it, the free version offers more than what the majority of students, writers, and bloggers need. But the premium plan is what most profesila need and look for.
Have you used the Grammarly premium account before? If yes, then, share your experience. Did you find it useful? What are the best features you got?