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Best Online Punctuation Checker Tools and Apps

In Writing Tools by Editorial StaffLast Updated: January 15th, 2021

A good online punctuation checker tool should help us in our daily writing, but when it comes to professional writing, that is a must-have software. In reality, we all make mistakes, especially punctuation issues, so, it’s not easy to correct all these missing comae, interrogation marks, dots, etc.

Writing is one of the most important skills anyone can learn. It helps you express yourself in a way that your audience can appreciate and understand you better. It makes it possible to say what you mean and mean what you say.

But just writing is not good enough; good writing takes into cognizance punctuation marks, spelling errors, grammatical errors, excellent sentence structure, the usage of words and phrases in their appropriate manner and context (for instance, American or British English), and more. 

If you are a blog and article writer, web content writer, write essays, research, and academic writer, you write press or news release; if what you do basically involves writing then having some of the best tools for punctuation checks should be crucial to your success.

Poor sentence structure or punctuation marks can cripple even the best of content as it could result in a poor flow of content or give a wrong meaning to what is written.

In fact, punctuation checking tools or apps help the writer in assessing the entire written content to spot punctuations and other grammatical and sentence structure issues as well as it allows you decide whether to retain or change them to those suggested by the tool or maintain your suggestions.

Now, let’s check out these 7 best online punctuation checker tools and apps to help give you the best-written content. Who knows, you might just become the next Nobel Laurent in written content!

Choose a good online punctuation checker

1. Grammarly

For me, Grammarly is about the most favorite punctuation checking tool. I hardly submit any written content without passing them through Grammarly due to its in-depth analysis of written content. Grammarly dissects every aspect of your written content into almost 10 different check criteria of which punctuations is one of them.

Besides me, Grammarly has millions of subscribers both on the free account and the premium account. The free account offers excellent features that are good enough for the average user to check errors with punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and more.

Online Punctuation Checker

You could use the free online text editor or browser extensions on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Grammarly has a quick punctuation checker that can correct over 150 types of errors. Whether you copy and paste directly or upload the file, Grammarly will mark the errors and offer explanations. You have the option to choose American or British English, blog post style, academic, or business writing.


However, to enjoy more features in Grammarly then you might have to opt for a premium or paid account either a monthly subscription or an annual subscription that offers some discounts. The premium account also gives advanced search with 400 types of errors to help eliminate.

2. WhiteSmoke

Personally, I think Whitesmoke and his integrated punctuation checker app comes second in this list due to its unique functionality. Though not an online tool checker actually and that’s because you can use it both offline while typing and online as well. With WhiteSmoke, you do not need to copy and paste, it checks errors, grammatical constructions, and punctuations while you are writing or typing.

If you have a terrible problem with punctuations then Whitesmoke might just be the tool for you. It’s quite fast in identifying errors, offer tips or recommendations as well as rate your content.

From a database containing millions of words, phrases, punctuations, sentences, and structures they depend on artificial intelligence and algorithm to check your content and make them excellent. 

However, some of the challenges with Whitesmoke could include that it’s not so perfect context-specific grammar checks when using phrases in specific contexts.

Besides that, WhiteSmoke is a good to go tool for punctuation checks. It offers a variety of options such as the Android, iOS, desktop options, another plus that Grammarly is yet to have apart from browser add-ons.

3. Ginger

Ginger is another excellent punctuation tool checker that incorporates add-ons, Android, and iOS applications, browser extensions thereby making it one of the perfect tools for bloggers.

One beautiful thing about Ginger is its ability to identify and recommend corrections for context-specific grammatical errors as well as punctuation errors. It can also help put your punctuations into perspective when used inadequately or unnecessarily.

Also, worthy of note is that with Ginger you can proofread right from Microsoft word, picking between American or British English without going online or uploading files.

Ginger offers three plans:

  • Free
  • Basic at $5 per month at the rate of $40 for life. 
  • Premium at $90 for a lifetime plan.

4. After the Deadline

One reason bloggers love this tool is because it works with a lot of software, Chrome, OpenOffice extension, Firefox and integrates with WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS), though without add-ons for MS Word.

It has an easy to use interface, just copy the text and paste it into the open box to allow the tool to check all errors to include grammar, punctuations, and spellings before giving recommendations.

5. Paper Rater

Paper rater allows you to either paste or upload your written content into their text editor and then it spins away checking for punctuations, grammar, spelling checks, missing comma, full stop, etc…

Under the premium version, you get access to a plagiarism checker. With Paper rater you can classify content for checks into a blog post, research paper, essay, etc.

With 10 billion data stored on its database Paper rater give you a valid search for spellings and punctuations and then make recommendations, hence, it’s popular amongst bloggers and students.

6. Language Tool

The Language Tool offers you an open source for checking spelling, grammar, and punctuation for the first, English language and then 32 other languages. You simply copy and paste the text and the checker analyses them, underlines each word using different colors for spelling or grammatical errors. 

The Language Tool has add-ons and versions for Google Doc, LibreOffice, desktop application, etc.

7. Hemingway app

I have used the Hemingway app on several occasions. Though it’s not my number one option for commas corrector, grammar, spelling, and sentence structure checks, it offers an equally exciting and effective tool. 

With the Hemingway app, you need to copy and paste the written text for analysis. It checks your writing and grades your readability score, to help you understand how easy flowing your text would be for readers and then checks for spelling and punctuation errors.

Hemingway App is a good tool for editing your work as it can check the use of adverbs and the use of passive voice but not to check grammar or proofread your content. Hemingway has a free online version and a paid version for $10.

The secret to sounding and appearing like a professional and avoiding copyright (plagiarism) issues when writing articles and blogs, web content, press and news release, etc. is to make use of any standard grammar, punctuation, and plagiarism checker and using any of multiple of the above recommended, you can never go wrong.

Our recommended punctuation checker

If you tried other tools, we’ll be happy to read your comment, for us, Grammarly does the job professionally. There is no time waster, and what we got is a faster software that works better on all devices. So, give it a try and you’ll love it.