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Best Sentence Structure Checker Tool in 2020

In Writing Tools by Editorial StaffLast Updated: December 31st, 2019

Using a good sentence structure checker should be a priority if you want to write professionally. But when it comes to features, only one software can offer hat writers need and look for. I tested dozens of writing tools, but no one of them worked like Grammarly. It’s a high-quality tool that corrects everything in your text from the sentence structure to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Sentence structure correction tool

The first thing you need is to create your account and install the app. You have the option to add a web browser extension or use the online editor tool that comes with sentence quality checker. But also, you can download the native app for Mac or Windows that comes with everything you need as the writing correction, and even a plagiarism detection tool.

Next, start writing directly in the text editor or just copy and paste your text. If you prefer using your old writing tools like Microsoft Word or Outlook, you have that option as the Grammarly tool can be installed on both tools.

In addition to the 400 grammar checking points, Grammarly scans the text of the most complicated sentence structure issues we all face. Unlike what I used before, the tool helps to choose the right structure of the sentence without making things complicated.

Sometimes, writers use the best combination of grammar and punctuation skills. However, if the structure of their sentence is mission something or wrong, then, all that has no meaning after all. Having the correct structure of writing is more important than what many think.

For that reason, using a professional tool is what makes the difference and take your writing skills to the next level.

Unlike what I used before, Grammarly is a powerful editing software that fixes spelling errors and helps to tweak the sentence structure, so, it looks easy to read and to be understood better.

The sentence structure tool and checking option are enabled by default. However, if you can’t find it for any reason because you clicked on it by mistake, you can enable it from your account.

After subscription, you can log into the online editor tool, then, from the left menu, click on the icon as in the following screenshot.

Next, you’ll find the correct options to enable or disable as you need. Even more, you can modify the document type, that way, the software adapts the correction based on that type of writing and that’s great and an exclusive feature that no other software offers.

Sentence Structure Checker

Where can you use the sentence structure checker?

You can use Grammarly where you write online, the software detects where you write and it will integrate automatically in the text editor.

For example, if you write an email, you’ll find a green letter “G” added, and that means, the tool is checking your writing for issues and will help you to fix the wrong sentence structure if it’s wrong.

On the other side, if you write a comment on Facebook, Linked In or other sites, you’ll have the software checking your writing and suggesting the right corrections.

Even better, you can use Microsoft without worrying anymore about grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation.

Keep in mind that Microsoft Word is not accurate and it does not detect many terms. In addition, for fixing the writing style, it will miss a lot of things. Luckily, by using Grammarly, you’ll notice a great improvement in your writing and also, you’ll fix what other tools can’t detect as wrong sentence structure and similar writing issues.

Up to date database

This is the best part when you need to write an academic report, essay or other types of document, you need to have the appropriate correction software.

Unfortunately, all the online editing tools have the same database of words, verbs, nouns, adjectives, and rules. Even worst, these tools do not update their databases with the latest terms and changes.

The English language is rich in terms and new words that social media adds. If you add hundreds of new technological terms, names and more, you’ll find more unknown terms than the years before.

For that reason, choosing a sentence correction software that updates the database is critical to your success. Imagine writing about any topic and following the wrong correction from any software. That will destroy your text meaning and make things not clear.

It’s not a secret that using a fast writing and editing tool can help you to find more issues that other app will not catch. And when it comes to writing a book, I definitely recommend a high-quality editing software like Grammarly that fixes your styling problems.

In fact, the software proofreads your text in real-time when you type, and also, it understands new words and terms that no other tool knows about.

There is a team of expert linguists who work with the best universities to offer the most accurate correction and suggestion.

Even if you use a human proofreading service, there is no guarantee that they will fix your writing style issues and sentence structure. However, by using this powerful tool, you can fix more problems in minutes without waiting for your paper to be edited and fixed.

What about other sentence structure checkers?

I tested many English writing apps, and tools, however, not all of them have complete writing style checking. In addition, they have slow performances and even inaccurate checking, especially in academic writing. So, I prefer using what really works as a sentence correction that’s faster and accurate.

It’s not about names, brands or companies, but all about the features and accuracy of the software. You can try dozens of options, but none of them will work like Grammarly for your paragraphs and text.

For that reason, if there is any professional writing software that fixes the writing issues and works for your success, it will be Grammarly without a doubt.