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Best Spell Checker for Google Chrome (Top 3 Tools in 2020)

In Spelling by Editorial StaffLast Updated: December 29th, 2019

Writing online and using Google Chrome is not always a great experience, especially, for bloggers, students, and writers. In reality, the default spell checker on Chrome is not accurate and it misses the majority of spelling issues to fix for you.

So, in today’s posts, I’ll show you the best spell checker for Google Chrome, including tools and apps, and extensions. You can use these tools to fix your common writing issues without wasting your time.

Without a doubt, you can find many options, but the main question is: do they really work? Can you really fix all your spelling mistakes by using these online tools?

The answer is simply no, not all the software work the same way. For that reason, I’ve done the hard work for you and tested dozens of popular spell check options. So, here are the top recommendations that I used, trust and found the most accurate for both English native speakers and for those that use English as a second language.

Google Chrome Spell Checker Tools and Extensions

1. Grammarly

I discovered the Grammarly spell check tool 4 years ago, it’s the best grammar checker extension for chrome. So, I subscribed to the free plan and found it amazing. Actually, the tool is the most popular with millions of downloads for Google Chrome and other web browsers including Safari, Mozilla, etc…

The difference with these top-rated spell checker is not only its accuracy but also, its long list of features. Grammarly spell checker scans the text word by word and finds every single spelling issue.

Then, it suggests the right correction instantly. So, if you like for instant and automatic spell checker for chrome, then, you should use it right now. However, as I said, the app checks your full text and suggests the fixes.

So, it does not modify the text without your permission, and that’s great. You still have the option to agree or disagree with what the software corrects, and if you have a new word that Grammarly doesn’t recognize, you can add it to your personal dictionary. Next, time, when you type that word, the app will recognize as correct.

The Grammarly spell checker end grammar extension for Chrome finds what no other spell checking app can’t catch, and it works for online use and on both desktop and smartphones. In addition, you can use the online spell check feature directly from your account.

Does Grammarly work with Google docs?

Yes, Grammarly work and check your spelling errors and grammar problems in Google Docs. Just make sure you have the extension installed and you’re logged in. Moreover, you can install the native app that works with all your document editors.

Also, you can copy your text from Google docs and past it in your online Grammarly editor, next, check it for spelling and finally when you have an error-free text, move it back to Google documents if you want.


Spell Checker for Chrome

Spell Checker for Chrome

To add Grammarly to chrome visit Grammarly now and get it for your web browser.

2. Ginger software

Ginger Software is another recommended tool that checks spelling problems and helps you to fix them. I tested Ginger for different browser and it works better for Google Chrome. So, you can just install their official extension and create your account.

Ginger is not the best option for fast spelling check, however, they have a great punctuation check tool that works the best on this list.

The Ginger software has more options than what they offer as the spell checker extension for chrome. So, there is a sentence re-phraser, a grammar correction, and even a translation tool. Ginger is also one of the best Google chrome spell checking software you can count on, but we recommend adding it in parallel with Grammarly, each one has its one pros and they complete each other.

3. Google’s native spell checker

By default, Google Chrome has a spell checker tool included. So, you can just select the right settings you need and then, check your text when you write. Even, if that’s a Google feature, unfortunately, Google spelling is not accurate and it detects only a small percentage of errors. So, use it with caution and check your text manually. Or use one of the above tools instead and save your time and effort.

The Gmail spell checker on Google can help you to fix common spelling issues. To start the scan, click the option like the next screenshot.

Spelling checker

Google spell check and grammar corrector can only help in a small percentage of the total issues in your writing. So, don’ always think that you’re using professional tools, it can help with other apps.

Tips for check spelling in Google Chrome better

Keep in mind that the best spell checker for chrome is Grammarly. So, if you never used it, then, I highly recommend trying it now. It fixes what other tools missed and helps you to write correct text.

Unlike other options, Grammarly checks your spelling on Google Chrome and all the websites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Linked In and others. So, posting a comment on Facebook or other social networks will be easier with this accurate spell checker tool.

On the other side, the Ginger spell check Chrome extension is great, but it’s not faster than Grammarly in my tests. Grammarly works faster and the tool used an advanced caching system that makes your browser working better without crashing it.

Even if you use the automatic spell checker for Chrome, make sure to have a fast internet connection. In many cases, any spelling correction app will need minutes to send the data and receive it in your browser if the connection is slow.

So, I recommend keeping all your internet connection dedicated to the software when you check the text. That will guarantee the best results and you’ll never miss-spelling fixes that the software missed because you have a slow connection.

The same thing applies to smartphones, make sure you turn off all the apps that use your data. Then, you’ll be able to check your text faster and better.

Of course, what I say using the minimum apps, that doesn’t mean to close all the tabs you’re using, like Facebook or Gmail. Instead, if you’re writing on Gmail, then, why not keeping others app opened when you don’t use them?

Install the Grammarly Chome extension

Grammarly Chrome extension is the number one spelling checking app that works. No matter if you want to check a text for scientific topics, medical, legal, or document, or others, it finds the problems and helps you fix them. The Chrome enhanced spell check s not perfect, and it misses lots of features that no one should neglect.

For that, adding the first option in this list of the best spell check tools is the right decision, if you like it, buy the premium subscription, it worth it and we use it for our site.

So, you can download it for Chrome and even use the Windows native app or the Mac version. It’s free, fast, accurate and trusted by millions of users around the US and the World.

I hope you like this shortlist of the best Chrome spelling checker apps. Have you tried any of them? So, let me know what you think using the comment section below.